Consta Theoharopoulos

Video Producer. Editor.
Film Maker.

My story

When I was twelve, I found a beat up old digital camera. I hit record and was amazed by the way video could be used to turn ordinary moments into timeless magic.

I’ve come a long way from making adventure films with my friends. A Bachelor of Creative Technology from JMC Academy and professional experience with top-notch companies like SWARM UAV and Skysight/Dinography have helped me become the videographer I am today.

Now I’m a triple threat as I produce videos from start to finish, by filming high quality footage, editing and colour grading with close attention to detail, and providing a unique and creative flair to the final product.

When I’m not working, I’m being a gizmo geek and experimenting with the latest gadgets and tech or I’m hunting for music to match my moving pictures. If it’s remotely related to video, I’m likely to be obsessed.

The products of my obsession, knowledge and background are the films I create. These aren’t just ordinary videos either, whether the project is a music video, event, travel or corporate branding, I strive to make each one a cinematic experience.

Why should you care?

Because film is a powerful tool for branding and communication! That’s why you’re here!

I’ll help you turn your vision into a unique visual feast of film. I’ll be involved as your cameraman, editor, producer and customer service rep to ensure that your goals are paramount at every step.

I’m a straight shooter, so no client is left in the dark. I’ll de-mystify the production process by keeping communication clear, honest and simple. This means you know exactly what to expect for your budget – big or small. I’m creative but also really fun, so working with me won’t be a drag!

If a picture tells a thousand words, then film evokes stories with emotion, inspiration and action in volumes.

Everyone has a story.

Let's tell yours.