Downward Duck & Co

Downward Duck & Co was launched in June 2016 in a small park in Mount Waverley, where Feren would lead a few close friends in a relaxing session of mindful movement. Fast-forward to 2019 and Feren’s community based yoga & pilates studio caters for all bodies and levels of experience in an intimate and semi-private format. Working closely with Feren on a two day shoot in the studio and around various scenic parts of Melbourne, we created a promotional video that would reach new members. Footage shot and edited by Consta Theoharopoulos. Drone Operator/Animation Compositing: Kieran Barrett. Gimbal Operator: Consta Theoharopoulos.

Real Estate Showreel

Working at Dinography has given me the skills to capture and edit all aspects of Real Estate videos to help promote new home listings on the market. The polished and high-quality videos bring in a number of potential purchasers and play a key role in selling the properties at their best market prices. Showreel shot and edited by Consta Theoharopoulos.

Green Acres Golf Club

A showcase video made for Green Acres Golf Club. Produce & edited by Consta Theoharopoulos. Ground Camera Operator: Anthony Dean. Pilot: Ido Segev. Gimbal Operator: Kieran Barrett. Swarm UAV 2015.

Bosch presents Australia’s first HAD (Highly Automated Driving vehicle) - Balloon Tree Productions

A showcase video made Bosch Australia’s highly automated driving (HAD) vehicle in action as it takes on Albert Park. Role: Gimbal Operator/Drone Planning. Skysight Aerial Imaging. 

The Wedding of Leonard & Larissa Price

I had the honour of being flown to the sunny resort haven, Hamilton Island, to capture the union of Leonard and Larissa Price. Shot and edited by Consta Theoharopoulos.

Skysight Aerial Imaging

After working as Operations Manager at Skysight Aerial Imaging for more than three years, the amount of aerial content captured in the skies has truly been a spectacle. Pilot: Ido Segev, Dinesh Rodrigo, Kieran Barrett. Gimbal Operator: Kieran Barrett/Consta Theoharopoulos. Edited: Consta Theoharopoulos.

Naberus - My Favourite Memory - Music Video - Eclipse Records

Australian melodic death-thrashers Naberus have revealed their new My Favorite Memory music video. This is the third music video from their sophomore full-length album entitled Hollow, which was released via Eclipse Records on June 29, 2018. The video draws upon singer James Ash’s personal experience of his father’s battle with dementia. The video was directed by Cat Argiriou and shot and edited by Consta Theoharopoulos.

Dynamic Steel Frame - Open Day

Event coverage video showcasing Dynamic Steel Frame’s new facility. Camera Operator/Gimbal/Editor: Consta Theoharopoulos 2nd Camera Operator/Drone Pilot: Dinesh Rodrigo. Skysight Aerial Imaging.

Spin Out (2016) - FEATURE FILM

A feature film shot in the heart of Shepparton, Victoria. Pilot: Ido Segev & Kieran Barrett. Gimbal Operator: Kieran Barrett/Consta Theoharopoulos. Swarm UAV 2015. Production: Redman Entertainments Director: Tim Fergusun / Marc Gracie

Siem Reap Pagoda Cats

On a visit to Cambodia in 2015 I worked with Josette Vanneur, who has dedicated her life to the well-being of pagoda cats in Cambodia. Siem Reap Pagoda Cats is a charitable organisation dedicated to the welfare, treatment, sterilisation and adoption of stray cats living in a pagoda in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Shot and edited by Consta Theoharopoulos.

View Bank Homes - Company Video

A showcase video on Melbourne based building developer, View Bank Homes. Video was produced in conjunction with Dinography and Skysight Aerial Imaging. All ground footage, interviews, and post production was conducted by myself.

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