60 Second Video

Property Only

No Agent To Camera


60 Second Video

Property & Agent To Camera

Introduction & Wrap Up


120 Second Video

Property & Agent To Camera (optional)

Perfect For Premium/Large Properties


Why have a video for your listing?

OPEN HOUSE 24/7 - What if you could show your potential buyers through the house no matter what time? With a good property video, your potential buyers can preview the property any time from anywhere in the world. MOTION - Trees swaying in the gentle breeze, waves lapping against the shore of a beachfront property; video gives you the ability to capture motion in a way that still photography can’t. Paired with the right music, a real estate video can convey much more than a list of amenities and property features. You’re not selling a list, you’re selling a home. ONLINE VISIBILITY - Video is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google than any website. Having real estate video increases the online visibility of your property.

What happens after the video shoot?

The video will be edited to your package requirements and a web-compressed video will be sent to you ready for download within two working days of the property being filmed.

What if I want something custom?

Have company design guidelines?
Let us know the specifics and we will tailor the video to your requirements.

Require something on a larger scale or need something more specific?
We can tailor the video to match your needs which will be included in your quote.

Want drone footage incorporated into the video?

Drone services are offered via our partnership with C.A.S.A certified drone operator Kieran Barrett at an additional fee (subject to weather and airspace restrictions).

How do I book?

To book, all you have to do is fill in the form via the bookings page. After filling in the form, I will contact you to confirm a date and time for the shoot and discuss any other relevant details.

How do we work?

I will arrive at the property at the scheduled time and will remain on-site for 1-1.5 hours (1.5-2 hours for longer videos and larger homes). The home should be prepped and ready for the shoot before my arrival.

What goes into the edit?

The property video is edited with great attention to detail. Each frame is carefully chosen and is colour graded and stabilized to create a polished and professional look. I can also include your logo and portrait at the end of the video to add a personal touch. Royalty free music tracks are incorporated into the cost of each property video, so you won’t need to worry about services such as YouTube taking down your video.

How is the timing in the edit calculated?

The 60 or 120 second packages will be used to show off the property only. The length of the property footage will not be reduced if you want to have an agent introduction or graphics added to the video.

Want something else?

In addition to property videos, I also offer auction, agent/agency profiles, market update, suburb profile video services. Just get in touch to discuss.

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